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Hi! I'm Janie!

I'm an Author and Editorial Services Provider

As an author with a few books under my belt, I've learned a thing or two through the process on how to generate ideas, bring them to fruition, and share them with the world. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. 

As an editor, I strive to serve with dignity and compassion, and I hope that you'll feel comfortable reaching out if I can help you along your editorial journey!


Newest Releases

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Archaeologist Megan Forest never thought that a routine jeep ride in the Arizona desert to look for petroglyphs would slip her into a time portal, landing  her a thousand years into the future.

Discovered by a Scholar who was also scouring the desert for information about the past, she finds she didn’t drop into an advanced society, she discovers she now lives in a feudal time where knowledge is limited to guilds run by men and women only have one of two functions in this time: procreation or pleasure.

In an attempt to protect the knowledge she holds, the Scholar offers her aid and a dangerous new role as Royal Consort. Megan Forest chaffs under the new constraints on not only her freedom but her mind as she becomes embroiled in royal intrigue.Nabaril: Immersion is Book One in the Nabaril Series!

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Sephronia Hill has spent most of her 85 years in Dark Hollow, Tennessee. A herbal healer, the local Granny Woman, Sephie forages medicinal herbs in the Appalachian foothills around her home making tinctures and salves.


A peaceful life, but for her prickly, widowed, roommate sister, Agnesia. An urgent phone call from her niece, Mandy, upsets the routine. Mandy and her wife, Laura, need help right away. Their community of Riverbend, North Dakota, is threatened 

by what appears to be a vampire and the resources of their metaphysical shop, the North Star, are stretched to the limit. 


Sephie wastes no time. She and her protege, B.D. Travers, pack everything — including a few dozen jars of Cousin Lije's secret ingredient — into the station wagon and head north. 


Once in Riverbend, Sephie finds the vampire along with a whole host of other supernatural creatures and just maybe a bit of romance.

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